Tuesday, September 11, 2012

When Using Props...

 What a gorgeous day it is! Early September in Michigan means the air is still relatively warm, and the trees are just starting to turn vibrant shades of orange and yellow. Perfect day for a long stroll full of fall photography? I think so! But before I embark on my little adventure, I would like to address something often overlooked when booking a shoot; Props.

  I love props! I live for props! I'm thrilled with props! Now, that being said....
I would never encourage using a prop for props sake. If you've never played music in your life, it would be kind of silly holding a guitar in all your portraits. Same being said for holding a book if you're not much of a reader. We use items like this in photography to better reflect who you are, not just create something interesting to look at.

Brett here is a great example. This is his beloved motorcycle who was fondly referred to as "Thor".
He owned this motorcycle for years, created a lot of fond memories with it, and it made perfect sense to include the bike in our photo shoot.

Your prop doesn't always have to have memories attached to it either you know. Maybe you're a girl who loves the story of Snow White? Let's bring a bright red apple! For a guy who enjoys the renaissance, swords are always fun, and I've even used them in a shoot or two. Your hobby may even be photography. (Really, I promise that's allowed!) Whatever it is, we can always incorporate in a way that is classy, and completely unique to who you are.

Now get out there and enjoy this wonderful day!
Keep smiling!
Esther Stoneburner
~ Viva Bene Photography

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