Monday, September 10, 2012

Getting to know me

Hello all! My name is Esther L. Stoneburner, but I prefer Esther. Yes, I really do!
I am the owner and Photographer of the business Viva Bene Photography. Why that name in particular you may ask? Well it's actually an Italian phrase that means "It's good to be alive!" and boy, is it ever.

 What I want to do for you, is take life's most joyful moments and capture them in a photograph for you to always have and remember. I serve Southwest MI and the surrounding area with any photography need that may arise.
These needs may include...

* Engagement Photos (My all-time favorite! I usually include a free engagement session with the booking of wedding photography, all you have to do is ask!)

* Weddings

* Senior Portraits

* Maternity and newborn

* Family Portraits

* Professional and products

* Other events

Does this list mean that's all I'll do? Of course not! I've photographed for family reunions, and birthday parties for special people. Don't forget the just-for-fun shoots, sometimes we all need one of those! There are also many needs that we would frequently forget about. Need a special photo for the Christmas cards? Your child for a 4-H project? Farewell party? Anything! I'm always excited to do new things.

One more thing before I say bye for today; are you on facebook? You can now receive exclusive offers and discounts by "liking" the photography page, plus see all the fun shoots people are doing.

There ya go! Have a wonderful day everyone, and keep smiling!

Esther Stoneburner
~Viva Bene Photography

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