Thursday, March 14, 2013

How to Personalize Your Portraits

Hello all!
I've felt so inspired lately, especially when it comes to portraits, and seniors specifically.
I believe it is so important for your photos to reflect who you are, and what's special about you. You are leaving one part of your life completely as you enter the next. That's why what we do is not just taking pictures, it's making memories. Here are just a few ideas of what you can do to make the absolute most of this wonderful experience...

1. Incorporate your interests.
Do you play sports? Dance? Is music your passion? Maybe it's even technology, auto mechanics, or photography. Show it off! Wear a uniform, bring an instrument, or even that car you've been pampering. Nothing is too crazy.

2. Make the weather work for you.
One of the greatest things about on-site photography is you pick your favorite seasons to be shown off right along with you. Autumn's natural beauty and vibrant colors are an easy choice for stunning photos, but why stop there? Head to a tree farm for some sparkling winter portraits, or let loose your inner beach bum for a fun summer shoot in the sand. Not to mention flowers upon flowers once spring heads our way. Pick one that reflects your style, and run with it!

3. Why go alone?
When you're in the spotlight being your amazing self, why not make memories with someone you love? Feel free to invite a best friend, better half, inspiring parent or even your faithful pooch. You'll love the photos for years down the road, and your somebody special will feel honored to be included.

4. Style it up!
Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. What looks crazy in front of a mirror, can be the perfect touch in front of the camera. Scarves, statement jewelry, layers, anything that speaks of your personal style. (Not sure what to wear? No worries! I am always happy to consult and give helpful advice)
Here's a thought; Why not give that prom dress (That you've only worn once, and will probably waste away in the back of your closet) one last hurrah  by parading it in front of the camera? Not only will you look like the model you are, but you get to show it off in the best way possible. Looking for something even more out of the box? Trash the dress- Prom edition!

5. Most importantly: Have Fun.
The greatest photographer in the world can't top the sparkle in your eyes, and the smile on your face. This is the time to really celebrate YOU, so enjoy it!

Feel free to contact me anytime for more tips& advice (or to schedule your session!)
Keep Smiling!

Esther Stoneburner
Viva Bene Photography

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